Which certificate should I scan, the first or the second?

Both can be discarded, the second must be presented

How can I delete the certificate again?

Open the Wallet app on the iPhone (not just double-click on the lock button), select the passport there, and click on the three dots at the top right. Then it says “Remove card” in red.

The pass is not added to the wallet when you tap the badge

Please use the Safari browser on the iPhone. Other browsers, the iPad, and computers are not fully unsupported.

Why does the iPad show me the error message "Safari cannot load this file"?

iPad cannot handle passes, it displays the error message “Safari cannot load this file”. On the Mac, the file can be downloaded and then transferred to the iPhone via AirDrop, for example. But please use a secure communication channel (e.g., no unencrypted mail), because of sensitive data!

Why is the date “2nd vaccination date + 14 days” not written on the pass?

The digital vaccination certificate follows the Electronic Health Certificates specification. This specifies that only the vaccination date is to be stored in the QR code. Only the validating instance, e.g. the CovPass Check app, has the information about when, for example, full vaccination protection will occur. Currently, this delta between vaccination and validated vaccination card is 14 days, but this can change again, e.g., based on new scientific findings. In short, based on the information stored in the QR code, we cannot know and therefore cannot write on the passport when the vaccination is “valid”. And ultimately, the text on the Wallet Pass is not part of the vaccination card at all, as is sometimes erroneously assumed, but this is actually exclusively the QR code displayed in connection with an identification document.

Help, my Apple Watch is crashing!”

The problems you describe on the Apple Watch are unfortunately a known problem (see here), which is probably due to a faulty synchronization between Watch and iPhone. The forum post also reports a solution, but it requires a complete reset of the iPhone and Watch. The problem has nothing directly to do with our Passport, so, unfortunately, there's nothing we can do for you. Having a passport only on the iPhone does not work, as far as I know. The best thing to do is to contact Apple Support, who will certainly be able to provide you with expert help.

How does the COVID Pass get on the Apple Watch?

All Wallet Passes (except credit cards) are automatically synced from iPhone to Apple Wallet. You do not need to do anything.